Matthew Querzoli
1 min readSep 10, 2016


Alexainie you are a bloody legend. Being an Australian, especially a white male Australian with a tendency of using too much bitters in my old-fashioned cocktails, I truly mean this. There is no middle ground. The ground does not exist. Fuck the ground.

I wish you not just a great life, but a stellar life. A life of wonderment and choc-peppermint biscuits and maybe, just maybe, a happiness that permeates your being just like the way lies permeate Donald Tump’s campaign. God he’s a fuckwit.

Yet I digress. Feeling bad, sad, awful is a shit thing, no doubt. But I’m glad I have, in some way, helped pry you out of it.

It really is the least I can do for the support you have offered for my writing in the last few months.

Alexainie you are a bona fide human being with inspirational prospects and a killer wit to match.

Hell fuck yeah.