And on the third router restart, He rose again.
Photo by Jake Green on Unsplash

The desultory, limping, flight into the night.

Ejected from bright lights and chemical-polished stainless-steel. The cold swirls but hesitates to take hold, like an all-encompassing mosquito. After careful consideration, it latches onto skin and gorges. That shiver in acknowledgement.

The dishies chat in some foreign language, sharing a cigarette. The…

Photo by the author’s lovely girlfriend

The last time we’d had dinner at the dining table — a second-hand IKEA pick-up for a couple hundred bucks — was when I’d made pasta from scratch. A touch of nutmeg turned into too much and the sauce ended up being a bit too dry for my liking. …

Photo by Niklas Ohlrogge on Unsplash


We’re old hands at it now
As cases rise, we bow
To staying inside
And starting the ride
Back down to zero, we vow


I don’t mean to brag
But my cakes, once ragtag
In lockdown have become
By far number one
And hoist high I will, that flag


Before COVID, you should have seen
This apartment — it was quite a scene
Called pigsty by some
Full of filth, dirt, crumbs
And now glitteringly, sparkling clean

Matt Querzoli wrote these. Sydney is locked down again. Where the fork are our vaccines?

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash


You complain of how you feel ill
To your mother — her answer a thrill
Your body taxed
You kick back and relax
To watch a midday episode of Doctor Phil


Your parents have indulged you
When you said you had the flu
No Xbox, though
A harsh blow
So you watch a marathon of movies, in lieu


To be free of the school routine
For even a day, it’s serene
Of blankets instead
And hot meals in bed
Even if your mucus is thick and green

Matt Querzoli wrote these. His usual run of sick-day shows were morning cartoons, Oprah, Dr Phil, Ellen, Ready Steady Cook and Judge Judy. He would have killed for pay TV.

Matthew Querzoli

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